‘Twas the night before deadline, and all through my home,
Not a creature was stirring. Just me, and me alone.
I sat at my computer as the moon crossed the sky,
Hoping to finish before morning drew nigh.

The children were cozy, asleep in their beds,
While plot lines and grammar rules ran through my head.
For once eight a.m. came and the day’s work began,
My manuscript had to be in my agent’s hands.

I banged on the keyboard, my typing a clatter
That threatened to break all the keys into shatters.
The windows were closed and the study was locked
As I stumbled to work through my thick writer’s block.

I sighed as I highlighted the last hour’s writing
And hit the delete button. My nails, I was biting.
I just couldn’t get it; I couldn’t find words.
This whole author thing, it was growing absurd!

The page remained blank and the cursor did blink,
Mocking me as I sat there and struggled to think.
I hit “save” a few times (well, more than a few),
And finally typed out a sentence or two.

I read what I’d written and grumbled in pain.
“No, no, that won’t do! It’s trite and it’s lame!
I need an idea to finish this tale,
Something brilliant and poignant! But what?” I wailed.

When what did my wondering eyes espy,
But a possible scene, playing in my mind’s eye!
The dialogue stank and the movement was choppy,
But the overall concept wasn’t too sloppy.

Quickly I rushed to write it all down,
And then I re-read it with a thoughtful frown.
“If I move this part here, and take that part out,
The flow will be better, without a doubt!”

All night I worked, for hours on end,
Revising the scene, until finally when
The sun’s first rays crept in through the shades,
I hit “save” for the last time, and shouted “Hooray!”

At 7:55 I prepared to hit “send”
And give to my agent the hard work I’d penned.
I scanned it once more, nodded with pride,
And shipped it off with a much-relieved sigh.

I then made a promise I wouldn’t maintain:
“I will not procrastinate ever again!”
I sat back and murmured, my stress now allayed,
“Happy writing to all, and have a great day!”

2 thoughts on “‘Twas the Night Before Deadline

  1. This comment comes from a devoted fan…….After being away from my laptop for several weeks…..A NIGHTMARE……my #49 message just answered…..what to my wondering eyes should appear but this delightful, punful, funful entertainment……which was just what I needed. Muchas gracias, amiga!!! Let’s have more………..the winters are not the summers on Emerald Isle!!!


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