Want to write a book?

Want to do it in just one year?

The “Book in a Year” Challenge (BIYC) is a series of blog posts I’m writing throughout 2014, taking you step-by-step from idea generation all the way to a finished manuscript. You can follow along each week, and by the end of the year, you’ll produce a complete book!

January 3: Capturing Plot Bunnies
January 10: Organizing Your Book
January 17: Creating Your Main Character (Fiction) or Narrator (Nonfiction)
January 24: Creating Secondary Characters
January 31: Building a World

February 7: The First Line
February 14: Creating a Writing Schedule
February 21: Introducing Information Naturally
February 28: Ending the Beginning

March 7: Writing a Book is Really Hard (But Keep Going!)
March 14: There’s No Such Thing as Writer’s Block (Guest post by New York Times Bestselling Author Michael Levin)
March 21: What to Show and What to Tell
March 28: Keeping the Reader’s Attention

April 4: Why Do All My Characters Sound The Same?
April 11: Making Changes on the Fly
April 18: Avoiding Shiny Baubles
April 25: I Ran Out Of Ideas

May 2: Titles
May 9: The Boring Parts
May 16: I Want To Kill My Protagonist
May 23: My Protagonist Wants To Kill Me
May 30: Catch-Up Week

June 6: The Thing That Happens In The Middle
June 13: Dynamic Characters
June 20: The Candle on the Stage
June 27: Chekhov’s Laser Pistol

July: 5: Setting the Stage for the End
July 11: Building Tension
July 18: Justifying the Tension
July 25: Catch-Up Week

August 1: The Climax
August 8: The Afterglow
August 15: My Book is Way Deeper Than I Thought!
August 22: Character Arc Resolution
August 29: The DOs and DON’Ts of Hanging Threads

September 5: Starting the Ending
September 12: Milking the Ending
September 19: To Epilogue or Not to Epilogue?
September 26: The Last Line

You’ve finished your first draft! Now it’s time to improve it!

October 3: WHEEEEEEE!
October 10: How to Criticize Your Own Writing
October 17: Continuity
October 24: Building an Energy Arc
October 31: 5 Ways to Edit Your Characters

November 7: Choice Words
November 14: Finding Editors
November 21: “Your Book Sucks!” (How to Take Criticism)
November 28: Deleting Your Favorite Part

December 5: Editing Takes Forever
December 12: I Want to Publish This Thing!
December 19: Final Thoughts


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