*Nonfiction* and *Fiction*

Oh em gee, you guys, you finished writing your books!

Insert your favorite excited meme here.

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Now that you’ve finished your first draft, I want you to take your book…


Ignore it for a week.

Wait, what?

Yeah. Back up your file, put it in a folder, and ignore it. Don’t do anything with it this week. Don’t even look at it.

Read somebody else’s book, watch TV, catch up on housework, go outside, do something else. Do anything besides work on your book.

At this point, you’re too close to the text to edit it, so you need to get some space from your work before you go back and mess with it again.

So take this week off, go relax, and ignore your book.

Next week we begin editing. Until then, have fun, and NO WRITING!

2 thoughts on “BIYC: WHEEEEEEE!

  1. Sound advice. I did just that for some time until I recently published my two books. You have to step away at times, speaking of which, I have to turn off this computer and go for a walk 🙂


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