In lieu of a fight scene submission today, we’re focusing on one specific move and where you can utilize it when writing fight scenes.

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Featured Move:

Roundhouse Kick

What is it?

A kick that strikes the opponent’s body with the instep, or top of the foot, while rotating and opening the hips to provide power. (If you’re not sure where the instep is, it’s the part of the foot where your shoelaces go.)

What does it target?

Ribs or head to deal serious damage. Legs to deaden the muscles and slow the opponent down.

Is it hard to do?

On a basic level, no. Accurately and powerfully, yes. And like all kicks, it requires a fair bit of energy.

Where can I use it in my stories?

Most fistfights can incorporate roundhouse kicks. Some weapons fights can make use of them, but only if the weapons are being blocked or otherwise kept out of the way long enough for the kick to strike.

Where shouldn’t I use it in my stories?

Fight scenes with ranged weapons. Fight scenes against aliens significantly stronger than humans. Fight scenes with weapons actively in use and ready to block. Fight scenes where the characters are already tired and/or injured.

What are some cool ideas to incorporate it into a fight scene?

Character A roundhouse kicks an object off a table into Character B.

Character A roundhouse kicks Character B’s knee from behind, making them fall.

Character A roundhouse kicks a rickety bit of furniture on which Character B is standing, making them fall.

Character A roundhouse kicks Character B, misses, and follows up with a back kick or hook kick.

Character B ducks a punch; Character A roundhouse kicks them in the head while they’re crouched.

* * *

Want to learn about a particular move? I’d love your suggestions, so scroll down to the comments and say hey!

This information is provided for assistance in writing fight scenes only, not for real-life application.


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