My short story “Voracious” appeared in the July issue of Outposts of Beyond magazine, and another short story, “Refuge,” is in this month’s issue of Disturbed Digest.

“Voracious” opens with an aging man sitting alone in an abandoned library, eating a book. If that scenario intrigues you, buy “Voracious” in Outposts of Beyond here.

“Refuge” opens with a woman leading an angry mob to attack one of her coworkers in her home. Find out her reasons when you buy “Refuge” in Disturbed Digest here.

Also, be on the lookout for my series of flash fiction stories coming soon on Daily Science Fiction! Cara Watt is a private investigator in the town of Watson Ridge, a haven for paranormal creatures. Can you solve her cases before she does using the clues in each story?


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