My one-year-old and I are reading through every board book at our local library. For more about this project, check out this post.

1. Find the Kitten by Stephen Cartwright

Another find-it book, this time featuring a kitten. The rhymes are cute and the pictures easy for toddlers, so if you like cats, you’ll enjoy this.

2. Babies on the Go by Linda Ashman, illustrated by Jane Dyer

See how different baby animals get around, with help from Mommy and Daddy. Heartwarming and educational, though the realistic art didn’t hold my son’s attention.

3. Not That Tutu! by Michelle Sinclair Colman, illustrated by Hiroe Nakata

Taylor wears her tutu everywhere and just won’t give it up. Funny and vibrant, with lively illustrations. If you know a kid who’s into ballet, this would be a great gift.

4. Out of Shapes by Ashley G.

Use basic shapes to make a kitten, a robot, a rocketship, and more. This book would be great inspiration for a craft day with older toddlers, and the bright colors and sharp lines keep younger babies turning the pages. My son loved this one!

5. Bird, Fly High by Petr Horacek

Bird flies around and catches dinner. The art has great color and texture, and the book has some look-through holes cut in the pages, though these aren’t used to any great effect. (Last post’s “Fish, Swish, Splash, Dash” set the bar too high for look-through books.)

6. Vacation (Look And Say) illustrated by Francesca Allen

Vacation words, illustrated in clay sculpture scenes. The bright colors and tabbed pages kept my son’s interest, but I think these are meant for older kids with larger vocabularies.

7. Baby Minnie’s Treat by ?

I’m getting really tired of these. Yet again we have only five pages trying to teach a concept and also have a plot, but not quite managing either. This time we’re supposed to learn about signs, except we only see five signs, and one of them is actually a stoplight. They don’t even talk about stop signs. Stop signs! That’s like Signs 101, guys. Skip!

8. Corduroy Goes to the Doctor character by Don Freeman, illustrated by Lisa McCue

Corduroy goes to the doctor for a checkup. This is a simple book that you could read with an older toddler to help prepare them for a doctor visit.

9. 3 … 2 … 1 … Circus! by William Wegman

Photos of dogs, with circus scenes drawn around them so it looks like the dogs are in the circus. Also we count down from 10 to 1. I didn’t get this book. Some pages rhyme, some don’t. The dogs have the same expression in every scene. You never really believe they’re doing circus stunts. This may have been unique a couple decades ago, but now it feels like someone used a “circus” filter to post dog photos on Instagram and made a book out of it.

10. First 123 (Usborne Look and Say) by Felicity Brooks, illustrated by Jo Litchfield

Numbers 1 to 10, with clay sculpted scenes containing that number of objects. As usual for this brand the art is vibrant and fun, but aside from the novelty of clay art, it’s a standard counting book.


Best Book of the Week: Out of Shapes by Ashley G.

You can use this book as a launching point for cutting out paper shapes and making other things with your kids, giving the book great longevity.


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