My one-year-old and I are reading through every board book at our local library. For more about this project, check out this post.

1. Sam Sheep Can’t Sleep by Phil Roxbee Cox, illustrated by Stephen Cartwright

Sheep wakes up all his friends, through lift-the-flaps. Simple, but amusing.

2. That’s Not My Dolly by Fiona Watt

Standard for the “That’s Not My …” series. Good touch-and-feel textures, though they’re not as varied as in other books in this series.

3. Mouse on the Moon by Anna Milbourne, illustrated by Rachel Wells

Another look-through book. I like this one both because of the space theme, and because the look-throughs are in place of doors and windows and other things you would actually, you know, look through.

4. Splat the Cat Christmas Countdown by Rob Scotton

Splat the cat gets ready for Christmas, making a bit of a mess of things. This book has some nice touch-and-feels, but at the end Splat says that this is the best Christmas ever, because Santa came. What? Did Santa not come before? Or was this the first year Splat’s parents told him about Santa? Or … I just have so many questions about that ending.

5. That’s Not My Train by Fiona Watt, illustrated by Rachel Wells

Another in this series. Good variety in the touch-and-feels, and one of them is “rust,” which is a neat texture that goes with the train theme.

6. Usborne Baby Board Books 123 by Amanda Barlow

Counts 1 to 10 with animal illustrations, e.g. “1 duck, 2 penguins” and that’s it. This book is so generic I couldn’t even find a picture of it.

7. That’s Not My Lion by Fiona Watt

My favorite of the “That’s Not My …” books, with the possible exception of “That’s Not My Monster.” Great variety in textures, including “shaggy,” which is a fun one.

8. Animal Babies (Usborne Farmyard Tales) by Stephen Cartwright

Introduces farmyard baby animals. I like that the animals have first names, like Clara and Whiskers. Other than that, this is pretty forgettable.

9. That’s Not My Bear by Fiona Watt, illustrated by Rachel Wells

Par for the series. A few of the touch-and-feels are pretty small, though.

10. On the Go With Mother Goose edited by Iona Opie, illustrated by Rosemary Wells

Why does every illustrator feel the need to do a Mother Goose collection? I’ve seen a dozen books just like this, illustrating various disconnected, often nonsensical nursery rhymes. Yes, they’re cute and whimsical and nostalgic, but they’re everywhere. Given the wide selection available, this collection is unremarkable.


Best Book of the Week: That’s Not My Lion by Fiona Watt
This week did not have our strongest showing. Nothing here we haven’t seen before. But “That’s Not My Lion” was a good touch-and-feel book, so if you want another interactive book and your little one likes jungle animals, this is a great option.


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