It’s time for another teaser from Enchantress Undercover! This time we see Adrienne at the end of a battle, after using up an oppressive amount of magic to defend herself. Unfortunately, she broke a few laws in the process:

* * *

The magic finished flowing. The entire storm of power dispersed at once. My skull lightened, freed from the burden that had threatened to crush me. The dog monster stood still, seemingly relaxed, and for a moment I felt relief that my makeshift enchantment hadn’t hurt it, had in fact helped calm it down. Then I realized why it wasn’t moving. Its eyes roamed wildly, and tiny, panicked breaths puffed its chest in and out.

I’d done more than calm it. I’d paralyzed it.

Feeling sick, I retrieved my fallen necklace, deactivating its enchantment so the silver chain went limp. I looked back up the road. Desmond was wading out of the grass, his sword slick with blood. Kendall had reached the car, and was now climbing out of the backseat in her clothes once more.

There was no way to hide what I’d done. Desmond would see it. I stared at the new tattoo line on the frozen dog-thing’s hump. My gaze traced it to the network of other tattoos winding from the creature’s temples, down his chest and along his legs.

I’d enchanted a human. Whether he was under previous enchantments or not, that was a crime. And as a member of the Void Union, Desmond was supposed to kill me.

* * *

The full book comes out March 18, 2019! Pre-order Enchantress Undercover on Amazon, and submit your e-receipt, name, and mailing address to for a chance to win an Amazon gift card!

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