It’s Eurovision time!!!

For those who don’t know, the Eurovision Song Contest is an annual event in which each nation in the European Broadcasting Union sends one song to compete. Then individuals in each participating country, plus national juries of music professionals, vote on which song is the best. The winning country typically hosts the next year’s contest.

It’s a fun part of the lead-up to the contest to share your own personal rankings of the songs, so … here’s mine.

This is a great year, in my opinion. There aren’t any songs I actively dislike, and I had a hard time narrowing down my top ten. There’s something for everyone, so let’s get started.

P.S. If you hate my rankings, no worries. I’m the next-best thing to tone deaf anyway. 😉

41. 22

Sarah McTernan

Nothing against this song. It’s just not my style and I find it underwhelming.

40. Stay

Anna Odobescu

Moldova is usually one of my favorite countries in the contest, due to the frequency with which they send absolutely insane, WTF performances. Unfortunately this year they sent a pretty standard power ballad, and like Ireland, it underwhelms me.

39. Limits


I’m not a fan of this breathy singing style. Just personal taste.

38. Run With the Lions

Jurij Veklenko

For the first thirty seconds, I loved this song. But it never really went anywhere, and I grew bored of it by the end of my first listen.

37. Heaven

D mol

I really love the traditional instrumentals here and there, but otherwise this song is forgettable.

36. The Dream


This song starts on a big note and continues on that same note, so it gets old. But Roko has a great voice, and the new music video actually bumped the song up my list a couple spots.

35. Keep on Going

Oto Nemsadze

I like the dark atmosphere of this song, but as others have pointed out, “la la la la la la” isn’t much of a chorus.

34. Hatrið Mun Sigra


This isn’t my favorite style of music, but it is very unique and memorable.

33. Better Love

Katerine Duska

I appear to be the only person online who feels this way, but I’m not wild about this song. It sounds like two dozen others we’ve seen in the contest recently, many of them also sent by Greece. I just … I don’t get why it’s so popular.

32. Telemóveis

Conan Osiris

According to most of the internet’s reaction, this is a masterpiece. It probably is, and I just don’t get it, but … yeah, I don’t get it.

I will say I like it more with just the audio. It’ll probably grow on me.

31. That Night


I actually like this song, but it’s too low-key for Eurovision. Makes fantastic chill background music, though. I feel like I’m in a dim, artsy coffee shop.

30. Zero Gravity

Kate Miller-Heidke

Individually, I like each element of this song. The opera, the backup singers, the spring-loaded platform dancer (seriously, what do we call this performance art?) But I don’t think they go well together. That said, the video is so unique and imaginative I simply couldn’t put it lower.

29. Chameleon


Why is this ranked so low? One reason. The first line of the chorus is musically identical to the first line of the the second-place winning song from last year, “Fuego.” Seriously, listen and tell me you don’t hear it. Other than that, this song is catchy, but I can’t unhear the ripoff, and then it makes me wish I were listening to “Fuego” instead.

28. Look Away

Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman

This is one of my favorite musical styles, but I admit I expected more from the guy who composed “Sandstorm.”

27. Roi

Bilal Hassani

I love the blend of languages in this song. In other years, this would have made my list of qualifying songs, but this year is really strong and I had 26 others I liked better.

26. Sebi

Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl

The subdued style of this song plus the low-key beat make it a very relaxing listen. I’m very interested to see how they stage it live.

25. Arcade

Duncan Laurence
The Netherlands

This song has a lot going on musically, and I like the arcade metaphor in the lyrics. It’s very pretty, but it’s not my favorite style. I also don’t care for the music video.

24. Bigger Than Us

Michael Rice
United Kingdom

Dang, this guy’s got a great voice! The song itself isn’t that special, but he extracts everything he can from it!

23. Az én apám

Joci Pápai

This isn’t as good as his previous entry, “Origo,” but it’s still beautiful. Hungarian is a lovely language, the folk music elements work really well, and Joci Pápai has a great voice.

22. Fire of Love (Pali się)


On first listen, I didn’t care for this, but it’s grown on me tremendously. This was my first exposure to slavic folk music, and it has a unique and interesting sound. I also love the dark, challenging tone of the song and video.

21. Friend of a Friend

Lake Malawi
Czech Republic

Best music video of the year! I love how the singer jumps between frames, and the entire little subplot of getting arrested but still smiling is hilarious. (Blink and you’ll miss it!) The song itself isn’t my favorite, but there’s so much charisma here that it won me over.

20. Love is Forever


This song is so sweet. I love how simple and uplifting it is, and it makes me happy to listen to it.

19. Like It


This is super catchy, and I like the dance routine. Not much to say besides that.

18. Storm

Victor Crone

This is a great song of encouragement if you’re going through something. “In no time the storm will end / It’ll be alright again / The battle scars won’t matter then / But I might, I might be all wrong.” The honesty of that last line is what makes this so great. When you’re caught in a battle, you don’t want platitudes, you want realism, and adding it to a piece of encouragement makes the message actually stick.

I also really like the little violin riffs here and there in this song.

17. Truth


This has a unique sound, a catchy rhythm, and a good beat. I don’t understand the music video (like, at all), but I enjoy listening to it.

16. Too Late For Love

John Lundvik

Gospel music in Eurovision! Yes, please! Great voices, great music, and an all-around beautiful song.

15. Replay


I love the beat drop in this. Staging is really going to make or break their live performance, though. I’m also curious to see how they handle the vocal effects while singing live.

14. Proud

Tamara Todevska
North Macedonia

Strong, beautiful, and delivering an important message, this song is a solid entry. I love how it builds, and I love the video incorporating lots of different women singing along.

13. Kruna

Nevena Božović

A beautiful song, a beautiful voice, and dang that’s an awesome costume. I love the rock elements and the violins in the song.

12. Walking Out


There’s so much power in this song. I love the intense music, and Srbuk’s vocals are insanely good. I can’t wait to hear her hit that high note live!

11. Sister


I don’t know why everybody hates this song. It’s got pretty instrumentals, the voices blend well, and I think the message of sisterhood overcoming rivalry is really moving.

10. Say Na Na Na

San Marino

man and two women in car with megaphones

I shouldn’t like this as much as I do. But it’s just so happy and catchy, and utterly confident that you’ll enjoy this super dated disco song. It works for me, especially with all the fun dancing in the video. I really hope it qualifies for the final.

9. She Got Me

Luca Hänni

man singing into microphone with hands outstretched toward camera

This is so catchy, and IMO the most radio-friendly of this year’s contest. I’m really counting on this song to deliver a fantastic dance number onstage at the live show!

8. Belgium

Wake Up

Group of young men and women staring at camera while standing in darkness with a single strip of light across their faces

I adore the verses of this song. They’re dark, brooding, and intense, and really build well. I’m less enthused about the chorus, but all together it’s enough that I’ll still be listening to this later.

7. Home

Kobi Marimi

Man in blue suit singing on stage with violinists in background

Kobi Marimi’s voice might be the best in the competition this year. This song is emotional, moving, and beautifully sung.

6. On A Sunday

Ester Peony

Woman in red dress starting to stand from chair while singing into handheld microphone

This song has such a unique, almost bizarre sound. It’s got an edge of mystery, and when you watch the video you get a sense of haunted house weirdness. I get why it wouldn’t work for everybody, but for me it’s the perfect blend of macabre and classy.


Songs 5 up to 2 keep shifting in my rankings on a daily basis. I wish I could just count the next four songs as one big #2 ranking, but since I have to put them in order, here’s where they fell today.

5. La Venda

Miki Núñez

Man in t-shirt singing with hands spread while people dance and play brass instruments in background

La venda ya caYOOOOOOOOOO! You can feel the joy bursting out of this song. I love the brass instrumentals, and I hope they go with the staging they used in their national final where they had the full band playing onstage. I’m dancing in my chair just typing about this song.

4. Spirit in the Sky


Three singers standing under a lamppost in a fantasy forest in the snow

This is a catchy europop song, blended with traditional Norwegian joik music. I loved it at first listen, and the fantasy-like snowscape of the music video only made me love it more.

3. Soldi


Man sitting on couch looking down

So much taut emotion in this song about absent fathers. The lyrics are powerful, and Mahmood’s performance drives them home perfectly. If I had to pick a song I thought objectively deserved to win the contest, this would be it.

2. Ktheju tokës

Jonida Maliqi

Woman singing into microphone with eyes closed

The flutes, strings, and emotional singing in this song give me chills. The entire experience is haunting, and beautiful.

1. Scream

Sergey Lazarev

Woman singing into microphone with eyes closed

It’s really easy to figure out which song in Eurovision will be my winner. Find the one with the most prominent violins, with a dark tone, and that’ll always top my list. And … here we are. I also ADORE the music video’s metaphors. We fight paper dragons as children, but then grow up to fight real monsters, and sometimes our shields aren’t enough.

Agree with my rankings? Think I’m completely tone deaf? (As I said, it’s a possibility.) Share your thoughts in the comments!


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