I have a fever.

Eurovision fever.

And the only cure …

Well, there are a lot of cures, but I’m choosing to blog about Eurovision to unleash my excitement leading up to this year’s contest on May 18.

My favorite thing about Eurovision is the epic, dark songs full of violins. But my second favorite thing is the WTF songs. The ones that make you stare at your screen and wonder, “WTF am I watching, and why do I like it so much?”

These are my top 15 WTF (in a good way) Eurovision entries from 2007 to 2018.

15. Space

Slavko Kalezić
Montenegro 2017

Singer swinging six-foot ponytail like a helicopter

This is an objectively awful song, but dang if I don’t find it hilarious. The singer is just so dedicated. He’s absolutely certain you’ll take him seriously with his six-foot-long ponytail helicopter. And you know what? It makes me happy to watch him have such a blast on that stage.

14. Skeletons

Azerbaijan 2017

Stage with singer, chalkboard, and man in horse mask on ladder

I actually love this song unironically. It’s atmospheric, the singer has a great voice, and most of the staging is really inventive and fits the tone.

Except there’s a guy wearing a horse mask standing on a ladder.

Everything else about this piece oozes seriousness, but there’s this horse guy up on a ladder. Why? I have no idea. And it’s hilarious.

13. Run Away

Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira
Moldova 2010

Dancing with a saxophone while wearing sunglasses

You may be familiar with Epic Sax Guy. This is where he came from. This song is all over the place with its staging, but everyone remembers the guy dancing with his saxophone. It’s a bit confusing, but lots of fun. (Don’t miss the return of Epic Sax Guy in 2017.)

12. Midnight Gold

Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz
Georgia 2016

Crazy scientist

This music video is absolutely bonkers. Frenetic editing, mad scientist imagery, an apparent hitman subplot, and instruments made out of clay combine to create a truly surreal experience. I was so hyped for their live performance, certain it would be insane. Unfortunately they went with a typical “rock band on stage and that’s it” style. Sadness.

11. Lăutar

Pasha Parfeny
Moldova 2012

Singers dancing onstage in bright costumes

As far as I can tell, this song is about a trumpet that brainwashes people. The thing that’s hilarious about the performance is the frenetic dancing. Those ladies are 100 percent committed to those crazy moves, and it’s really entertaining to watch.

10. So Lucky

Zdob si Zdub
Moldova 2011

Woman on unicycle, man in tall hat, general craziness onstage

You may have noticed I have a fondness for Moldova in this category. This, in my opinion, is the wackiest of their recent entries in the contest.

One singer rides a unicycle. The others all wear really tall, pointy hats. The music itself is insane. It’s like watching a circus, but you aren’t quite sure what the act is supposed to be.

9. Mustache

France 2014

Dancers and singers

This is a song about wanting a mustache. While the video is entertaining and funny, the song also provides a clever and scathing critique of materialism, using a game show setting to illustrate its point. Read the English lyrics here.

8. Toy

Israel 2018

The winning song of 2018, “Toy” ranks pretty high on the crazy scale due to its heavy use of chicken noises and the chicken dance.

It’s nuts, but it’s also super catchy and a lot of fun to watch. Like Moustache, this song also has some deeper themes going on. In this case, “Toy” was inspired by the #MeToo movement, and creates a wacky anthem for women tired of being viewed as inanimate objects.

7. Igranka

Who See
Montenegro 2013

Singers in full spacesuits

Hip-hop in spacesuits. What’s not to love? This song goes hardcore down the scifi route, and builds a very unique atmosphere.

6. It’s My Life

Romania 2013

Counter-tenor singer in tall gown

Embracing is reputation as a haven for vampires, Romania fully commits to vampiric imagery in this performance by countertenor Cezar. He wears a gigantic black robe. Everything else is blood red. It’s crazy, it’s a spectacle, and you have to see it to really get the full impact.

5. Party for Everybody

Buranovskiye Babushki
Russia 2012

Russian grandmothers enter the stage, and it seems at first they’ll sing a somber ballad.

Then the beat drops and suddenly we’re in this dance number, still sung by six Russian octogenarians.

They also bake cookies onstage. The performance is odd, but totally adorable.

4. Irelande Douze Pointe

Dustin The Turkey
Ireland 2008

A turkey handpuppet surrounded by dancers dressed as turkeys, singing about winning Eurovision

2008 was a great year for WTF entries. Here we have the most bizarre of those, Irelande Douze Pointe.

Some background is needed to understand this entry. Ireland used to win Eurovision a lot. Recently, not so much. So in a grand show of flippancy, they sent a hand puppet of a turkey as their official entry in the 2008 contest.

He sings about how every country should give Ireland twelve points (the maximum), apologizes for Riverdance, and at the end asks, “Did we win?” All the while, dancers dressed as turkeys prance around the stage. It’s freaking hilarious.

3. Yodel It

Ilinca ft. Alex Florea
Romania 2017

One singer rapping, while another yodels

This song combines rap and yodeling.

Yes, you read that right.

Somehow it works. It’s charming, well-sung, and catchy. I adore this song, despite the weirdness of the concept.

2. Wolves of the Sea

Pirates Of The Sea
Latvia 2008

Singers dressed as pirates

Ireland sent a turkey puppet, and Latvia sent a bunch of pirates singing about how they’re going to steal the show. These singers are so committed to their act, it’s impossible not to enjoy it with them.

Also, this song spawned an AMAZING heavy metal remix by Alestorm, and for that it has my everlasting love.

1: Dancing Lasha Tumbai

Verka Serduchka
Ukraine 2007

A singer in drag wearing silver sequins and sunglasses, singing nonsense words while dancers do silly choreography

I think it’s global law that this song must top any list of crazy Eurovision songs. It’s weird, it’s nonsensical, it might have hidden political commentary, and it’s utterly hilarious.

If you only watch one song on this list, make it this one, because this perfectly captures the wacky side of Eurovision that so many of us adore.

Bonus: Love, Love, Peace, Peace

Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede
Sweden, while hosting in 2015

Tons of people onstage parodying dozens of iconic Eurovision acts

This song wasn’t technically entered in the contest, so it’s not an official part of this list. “Love, Love, Peace, Peace” served as the interval act when Sweden hosted the contest in 2015. The stated goal of this song is to teach you how to win Eurovision, by combining all the most successful elements in Eurovision history.

The result is over-the-top, hysterical brilliance. I laughed so hard when this aired that I had tears streaming down my face. If you only watched “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” but you have time for one more, watch this one. It basically delivers all the others in one parody package.

What are your favorite WTF Eurovision moments? Which songs for 2019 do you predict will deliver WTFery for us to enjoy? Share in the comments!


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