The Eurovision Song Contest is this week! Whee! In anticipation, I’m sharing ten of my favorite dance routines from recent contests.

From soft and beautiful to sharp and catchy, these choreographed numbers provide stunning visuals to accompany their songs.

These aren’t in a ranked order, so don’t read too much into any given song’s placement!

1. Wild Dances

Ukraine 2004

Dancers in costumes inspired by traditional Ukrainian attire

We’ll start with the song that won Eurovision 2004, appropriately named “Wild Dances.” This choreography is sharp, fun, and engaging, and goes well with its song. It’s easy to see why this took home the victory.

(As a side note, I haven’t seen most songs from 2004-2007, so please excuse any startling absences from this list from those years.)

2. Fuego

Eleni Foureira
Cyprus 2018

Hip-hop dancers in sequins with long hair flying in wind

Fuego came in second last year, with its catchy rhythms and excellent dance choreography. Unfortunately I can’t find an official video of the choreography, but hopefully you can get the idea from the posted one. Here’s another angle, if it helps.

3. Amazing

Estonia 2014

Woman singing while being held at a sharp angle by one foot

I’m always impressed by people who can sing and dance at the same time. Tanja does both, and the effect is, well, amazing.

4. Düm Tek Tek

Turkey 2009

Women in red, belly dancing

Another singer who dances at the same time, but this time she’s belly dancing. The vocal control required by this combination is astonishing. Great song, great choreography, and a great performance.

5. Together

Ryan O’Shaughnessy
Ireland 2018

Man playing guitar while two other men dance together on a stone bench

This is a sweet little song, with beautiful choreography. The dancers perform with grace, incorporating the set piece (a stone bench) into their choreography smoothly and naturally. It also starts to snow on the stage partway through. All around a lovely, touching performance.

6. Popular

Eric Saade
Sweden 2011

Hip-hop singer in red jacket with backup dancers lined up behind him

While I’m not crazy about the song as a whole, this is some fast-paced, well-synchronized, and catchy choreography. It’s a fantastic dance number, and the shattering glass at the end is a cool effect.

7. La La Love

Ivi Adamou
Cyprus 2012

Singer on stone bench with dancers in ballet poses on either side

From the acrobatics to the cutesy hand-waving dance on the chorus, to the use of set pieces to create cool visuals, this is an engaging and well-choreographed dance routine.

8. Horehronie

Kristina Pelakova
Slovakia 2010

Dancers dressed in forest-like costumes dance behind a singer in a green gown

Everything in this performance creates a magical and unique atmosphere. The costumes, the song, Pelakova’s voice, and the choreography all combine beautifully. It’s sad that this didn’t qualify for the grand final, as it’s a piece of art.

9. Watch My Dance

Loucas Yiorkas ft. Stereo Mike
Greece 2011

Singer belting into a microphone while two dancers perform freeze moves behind him

Combining traditional Greek styles with modern rap and breakdancing, this unique song lives up to its name. Both styles of dance are well-performed, and the blend is very engaging to watch.

10. Shine

Sofia Nizharadze
Georgia 2010

Woman in red singing while suspended leaning between two men dressed in white

Sofia Nizharadze belts out high notes while dancing like neither task requires effort. The beautiful choreography, coupled with her strong voice and a lovely song, make this performance one of the best song-and-dance routines I’ve seen on Eurovision.

What are your favorite Eurovision dance numbers? Share in the comments!


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