BIYC: Editing Takes Forever

So you've written your book, had your friends do some beta reading, and you're about to send it to a pro to do a line edit. You're done, right? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Editing takes forever. Even after a full round of editing, as we discussed in the post about Finding Editors, your book may not be … Continue reading BIYC: Editing Takes Forever


BIYC: Deleting Your Favorite Part

A common piece of writing advice attributed to Faulkner, Hemingway, Stephen King, and a bazillion other people says to "murder your darlings," or in more modern terms, "kill your babies." (Apparently the quote was first voiced by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch.) The idea is that you have to get rid of the part of your book … Continue reading BIYC: Deleting Your Favorite Part

BIYC: “Your Book Sucks!” (How to Take Criticism)

Your book sucks. How did you feel when you read that? Angry, maybe? Defensive? Like you wanted to tell me all the reasons your book is, in fact, the best thing ever? Those are all normal reactions, especially because "your book sucks" is useless and unhelpful criticism. Get used to hearing it anyway. No matter … Continue reading BIYC: “Your Book Sucks!” (How to Take Criticism)

BIYC: 5 Ways to Edit Your Characters

Nonfiction Nonfiction authors, re-read your book this week and check for consistency of tone. Do you start out using colloquialisms and shift to an academic voice halfway through? Or do you maintain the same level of formality throughout the whole book? Watch out for these 5 things: 1. Personal pronouns. Do you speak directly to … Continue reading BIYC: 5 Ways to Edit Your Characters