Author A. C. Spahn, a white woman with a brown ponytail and glasses, making a silly excited face, with a dragon sculpture and a fake fern in the background


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A. C. Spahn wanted to be an interstellar starship captain when she grew up. Since nobody was hiring, she became a writer instead.

She enjoys breaking boards with her fists, organizing messy rooms, and debating the physics of fictional technologies. When not commanding imaginary starships, she lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, sons, and feline overlord.

She is the author of the USA Today bestselling Endurance series and short pieces published by Daily Science Fiction, Flash Fiction Online, Star*Line and more.

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Why is your website so boring?

I am on the autism spectrum, and I find sites with lots of links and colors overstimulating. I want my corner of the web to be a relaxed experience for people who feel the same way.

Why aren’t you on social media?

The fast pace of social media makes me anxious, and it saps my capacity for socializing, making it harder for me to have real-life interactions with people. Over several years I realized I was much happier when I wasn’t checking it, yet having accounts made me feel obligated to return. I deleted them so I could live without that self-induced pressure.