Enchantress Under Pressure

Arcane Artisans: Book Two

Magic is breaking.

Newly recruited by the Void Union, enchantress Adrienne Morales plans to stay on good terms with her magic-immune handlers. That’s hard to do when everyone knows about the enchantment tattoo storing catastrophic magic on her body. Then she discovers a murder victim with an identical tattoo. That corpse means only one thing: the cult that enchanted Adrienne has a lethal operative in town, and her conflict with the Voids just became her smallest problem.

With mysterious fires destroying Voids across the nation, the Union Legionnaire has his hands full. Catching the murderer is up to Adrienne. But as her search intensifies, magic begins breaking down around her: Ghosts rise, enchantments go haywire, and the specter of war looms over San Francisco. Plagued by fears from her past, mistrust from the Voids, and the sudden unreliability of her powers, Adrienne isn’t sure where to turn.

Worse, Adrienne’s life isn’t the only one hanging in the balance. If she goes down, her friends will fall beside her, and the entire city might be next. To defend the paranormal world, she must stop the murderer, uncover the cult’s secret plot, and decide whom to trust–when she’s not even sure she can trust herself.

89,000 words

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