A disrespected ship, exiled to lonely patrol in the dark corners of the solar system.

A crew of screw-ups, written off by the entire fleet.

They’re about to change everything.

If they don’t blow themselves up first.

Endurance: The Complete Series includes all five Endurance novellas and two short stories.

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Captain Thomas Withers expects the worst when he’s assigned command of the Endurance, the least-respected ship in the United Earth Law Enforcement fleet. He gets it, and then some.

After a poorly executed experiment throws Thomas and his crew out of Earth’s solar system and into humanity’s first meeting with aliens, he must rely on the outcasts of the corps, not only to get home, but to survive the trip at all.

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Hovercar chases.
Working with the team that fired him six years ago.
It’s a busy week for Viktor Ivanokoff.

When Viktor is pulled from the UELE Endurance to solve the murder of his one-time captain, he jumps at the chance to outperform his former colleagues. But as the investigation takes him into the far reaches of the solar system, he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the safety of all humanity.

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Working in United Earth Law Enforcement means killing. Areva Praphasat used to be one of the best at it.

She swore she was done. That she’d never again take the life of someone, human or alien, who could see it coming.

Now that decision might destroy her.

When Areva and her team are captured by servants of Earth’s extraterrestrial enemy, she comes face to face with the consequences of sticking to her conscience. As the UELE Endurance fights to keep intelligence about Earth’s location out of Haxozin hands, Areva must choose whether to pick up her gun or lay down her life.

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On planet Thassis, the zombie apocalypse is over. The zombies won.

Now what?

The UELE Endurance arrives to find Thassis a world of death. As Captain Withers struggles to pass a performance evaluation and first officer Viktor Ivanokoff fights his feelings for security chief Areva Praphasat, the crew seeks a way to undo the damage that has been done.

They have no way of knowing that what happened to the Thassians happened on purpose, and that the individuals behind it are lurking closer than anyone suspects.

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No one hides from the Haxozin Sovereignty forever.

The alien conquerors have finally located Earth, home of the explorers who have undermined their empire at every turn. They launch an all-out attack to rid themselves of rivals once and for all.

Only a handful of people escape: the disgraced crew of the UELE Endurance.

With humanity’s future hanging in the balance, Captain Thomas Withers and his ragtag crew of misfits must scour the galaxy for the one weakness that can topple a thousand-year-old empire. Enemies lurk on every side. Few expect the crew to succeed.

But Thomas and his team work on the Endurance. They’re used to bad odds. One way or another, one thing is clear: Earth’s worst space police are now its only hope for survival.

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