New Short Stories

My short story "Voracious" appeared in the July issue of Outposts of Beyond magazine, and another short story, "Refuge," is in this month's issue of Disturbed Digest. "Voracious" opens with an aging man sitting alone in an abandoned library, eating a book. If that scenario intrigues you, buy "Voracious" in Outposts of Beyond here. "Refuge" … Continue reading New Short Stories

A Future Classic: The Nix

Literature becomes "classic literature" when it includes two things: 1. Timeless themes that transcend culture, period, and setting. 2. A penetrating view of the current culture, period, and setting. It seems like these should be opposites. How can a book be firmly entrenched in its time, yet also transcend that time? Nathan Hill's debut novel … Continue reading A Future Classic: The Nix